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I worked with Hatty as I interviewed for and moved into an interim CEO role. This time together was invaluable. Moving from being a senior manager to a CEO within the same organisation was at times a lonely transition - it meant a lot to have a space to be honest, reflect on what I was finding challenging and gain the tools needed. Hatty is a highly skilled coach and got the measure of me quickly! Through our work, we challenged my assumptions of what I 'should' be like in my new role and allowed me to define success for myself. Hatty's focus was as much on supporting me to identify my strengths and celebrate the wins, as it was on areas I needed to develop in. I would very much recommend working with Hatty!

Vanessa Greene

Director of Strategy & Fundraising

Chance to Shine

Hatty was an absolute pleasure to work with as she planned and executed an internal workshop for The Gold Studios. In the run-up to the event, Hatty was organised, communicative and always available to answer any questions. Thanks to her efforts, we were able to bring new team members together and co-create a vision for our future. The training day was a huge success, and the feedback from our team members has been overwhelmingly positive. We're already seeing results in terms of increased collaboration and productivity, and we're looking forward to continuing to work with Hatty in the future. Highly recommend!

Eddie Gold

Founder & CEO

The Gold Studios

Working with Hatty has completely transformed my mindset. As a mum of two very young children, juggling a business and working as a doctor in the NHS, I was shoulder deep in stress, disorganisation and completely lost on how to approach it. I was hesitant to hire a coach because I felt this was a luxury that I couldn't add to my outgoings but after my first call with Hatty I knew this was exactly what my business needed and I have never looked back! We have talked juggling running a business with motherhood, planning strategies for social media content, confidence building, understanding my need for perfectionism and more. If you are thinking about booking in a session then do it! It will be the best investment you ever make for yourself and your business.

Jess Mehta


The Sleep Hive

Hatty has an extraordinarily powerful leadership ability. She shows consistently good judgement and is able to challenge people and circumstances with an insight and kindness that makes change happen. Her emotional intelligence combines with her training as a coach to make her a fantastic communicator and a brilliant facilitator. I have never been formally coached by Hatty, but I know that I have experienced the benefits of her coaching skills throughout our time in workshops together. I cannot recommend her highly enough: if you ever get the chance to work with her, take it. You'll be very glad you did.


Rob Alcroft



Hatty’s coaching not only helped me navigate a career change, it boosted my confidence to new levels, and that will stay with me forever. Through her empathic coaching I was able to realise just how much imposter syndrome and perfectionism were affecting me, and how much pressure I was putting on myself as a result. The mental tools and techniques we came up with during the sessions I now use on a regular basis to help ground me when needed. Hatty’s calm, approachable manner is also part of what makes her a great coach, it really helps you get into things properly.

 James Murray

User Researcher 

Farsight Consulting

I came to Hatty after more than a decade at the same company, the only one I had ever worked at. The first sessions were some of the most illuminating conversations I’d had in a while; figuring out how my values had changed from my 20s to 30s, understanding that I do in fact love my industry and career, something I had almost rejected in our initial chat. With her help and finesse, I was able to articulate for the first time what I wanted and gain the confidence I needed to do even the smallest task like writing my resume. Not even five months later, I had a new job, something I could have never navigated without Hatty. I am singing her praises to all who will listen and just loved the process we went through together. Thank you so much, Hatty! 

Miriam Braun

Client Relations & Events Director beCuriou 

Hatty's coaching is the warm, encouraging guiding hand that anyone needs, be it someone who knows what they want out of a session, or someone like me who's honestly a bit scrambled and could use some help finding their path. She helped me find a renewed confidence in my abilities, as well as discover what makes me passionate about my work and how to draw from that every day. Even in the most stressful of circumstances, Hatty helped me feel centered, listened to, and able to better tap into my own worries in order to find solutions for them.

Jaime Cunningham

Talent & Project Manager

The Gold Studios

Hatty has been incredibly helpful in working with me on career-related decisions that I had been struggling with. When I haven’t been able to see the wood for the trees, Hatty has provided me with techniques, skills and exercises to see the bigger picture and simplify the problem into manageable, solvable parts. And beyond that, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our chats! She brings a lot of compassion to our meetings, which is so valuable when discussing some of the harder topics. Couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved together!

Fred Trevor


Fred Trevor Design

Hatty coached me on getting clarity ahead of my work appraisal whilst I was on maternity leave. I'd been away from the office for months, was nursing a four month old and had a foggy vision due to sleep deprivation. She helped me feel prepared, ready and in control. The appraisal was written clearly due to the structure we discussed and goals I set for myself in our sessions. Thanks to the work we did, I was able to communicate clearly during my appraisal and received highly positive feedback. I honestly believe without the coaching I could not have got myself in the right frame of mind or been so concise with my thinking.

Jaki-Jo Hannan

Integrated Producer


Hatty has all the qualities of an ideal coach. Throughout our sessions, she was always an active listener, exceptionally well-prepared and supportive. I felt I could always trust her to absorb and intelligently reflect on what I said, and then guide our conversations with questions that were both rational and emotionally aware. She helped me to bring to light my own answers on career-related topics I had been struggling with for a long time and realise a plan of action to address them. I would highly recommend Hatty as a coach.

Andy Russell-Moyet

Public Affairs & Communications Strategist


I had a wonderful session with Hatty this morning focusing on goals for my new business. I came away feeling very empowered! She provided a safe and supportive space to help guide me through my jumbled thoughts and organise them into achievable tasks. Cannot wait for my next session.

Hanna Dowty


Rose&Bird Holistic Bodywork

We had a wonderful lunchtime session with Hatty, who came in to speak to our team about coaching. She provided us with a really insightful and useful session, which allowed our team members to reflect on how they communicate, react to situations and how we are all shaped by our own experiences. Hatty was able to draw on her own background and experiences to provide us with a tailor-made session. Her positive and engaging personality meant that our team connected well to her, but more importantly our team received valuable and personal advice which will benefit their development – thanks Hatty!
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Shivani Lodhia

Senior Account Executive

The PR Office

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