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I'm not quite sure how I did my job before working with Hatty. She has helped me gain perspective on my role within my agency but also within the industry. I've recently gone through a job transition from ECD to CCO and was able to step up with full confidence in who I am as a leader, with a clear grasp on my personal vision and values. She's not only a sounding board but comes with solutions and suggestions that have proven invaluable. I couldn't recommend Hatty's coaching enough. 
Noel Bunting

Noel Bunting

Chief Creative Officer

Publicis London

I worked with Hatty as I interviewed for and moved into an interim CEO role. This time together was invaluable. Moving from being a senior manager to a CEO within the same organisation was at times a lonely transition - it meant a lot to have a space to be honest, reflect on what I was finding challenging and gain the tools needed. Hatty is a highly skilled coach and got the measure of me quickly! Through our work, we challenged my assumptions of what I 'should' be like in my new role and allowed me to define success for myself. Hatty's focus was as much on supporting me to identify my strengths and celebrate the wins, as it was on areas I needed to develop in. I would very much recommend working with Hatty!
Vanessa Greene_edited_edited.jpg

Vanessa Greene

Interim CEO

Chance to Shine

I was introduced to Hatty at a time when I was at a quite difficult crossroads in terms of which direction to take my business in. Working with Hatty has truly been transformational; both for myself and for my business. While Hatty is the consummate professional, most of the time, I felt like I was meeting up with a life-long friend who not only had my best interests at heart, but also was able to ask all the right questions to make me realise the right path forward for me. Hatty is the rare combination of personable, compassionate and professional, and I recommend her in the highest terms.
Jonas Rask Eilersen_edited.jpg

Jonas Rask Eilersen


RASK Travel

Hatty has an extraordinarily powerful leadership ability. She shows consistently good judgement and is able to challenge people and circumstances with an insight and kindness that makes change happen. Her emotional intelligence combines with her training as a coach to make her a fantastic communicator and a brilliant facilitator. I have never been formally coached by Hatty, but I know that I have experienced the benefits of her coaching skills throughout our time in workshops together. I cannot recommend her highly enough: if you ever get the chance to work with her, take it. You'll be very glad you did.

Rob Alcroft_edited.jpg

Rob Alcroft



When transitioning to a new role overseas, Hatty’s coaching opened my eyes to what was driving me, why I could excel in the role and what my vision was for me and my team. We unlocked these additional thoughts and anchor points with relative ease due to Hatty innate ability to connect with people at a human level. I’d recommend Hatty’s coaching to any senior leader looking to get clear and confident on a challenge.

Jon Cook

Jon Cook

Global Operations Leader

Al-Futtaim Automotive - الفطيم للسيارات 

I consider myself a bit of a cynic when it comes to coaching driven by a bad experience earlier in my career. However, coaching with Hatty has thoroughly removed any remaining doubt about the power of this work to lead to better outcomes. For me, Hatty’s uniqueness is her ability to combine practical application without micro-managing nor taking away the onus from the coachee. On top of that, she digs into the whys and wherefores without being vague or wishy washy. It’s a fine balancing act and Hatty pulls it off to perfection. Most importantly the impact on my day-to-day work has been obvious. Highly recommend.
Paul Matuszczyk

Paul Matuszczyk

Managing Partner & Head of Account Management

Publicis London

Hatty Hilton Coaching is the difference – person-centred and specific coaching that inspires, moves and empowers. Over the last two years, Hatty Hilton Coaching has worked with University Hospitals Sussex and its developing leaders to further their confidence, ownership and practice. All of which supports both organisational growth and resilience.
Steve Crump_edited.jpg

Steve Crump OBE

Director of Charities & Voluntary Services 

University Hospitals Sussex 

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