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Coaching with me

There are many ways coaching can refine, optimise or reinvent our working world, including:

#1 Expanding leadership

Want to hone your leadership style?

Let's write your brand together by identifying your values, your mission and the legacy you want to leave.

Keen to build on your presence? 

Let's look at how you want to show up to your organisation and beyond, and identify the best strategy to get there.

Ready to communicate on a new level?

Let's optimise your verbal and non-verbal skills so you can connect with your organisation more effectively and inclusively.

Struggling with emotional regulation?

Let's work on tools to manage moments of high pressure and unlock decompression.

Time to dig into your blind spots?

Let's enhance your self-awareness by looking at your hidden strengths, as well as your areas for development.


Want to be 'on receive' more?

Let's deep dive into active listening so that you can tune even more into what your organisation is - and isn't - saying.

Want to foster more of a growth mindset?

Let's identify the challenges on the horizon and reframe them into potential opportunities.


Planning a cultural transformation and not sure where to start?

Let's do it together, from the first mind-map to the final all-hands presentation.

Working through a restructure?

I can provide a confidential space to organise your thoughts.

#2 Preparing for change

Changing role?

I will help you work out what you want instead and how to get there.

Pursuing a promotion?

Let's map out the route together for this important stage of transition.

Changing company or industry?

I'll be with you from the first blue-sky brainstorm to the final job acceptance.


Starting a new job?

It's a big deal. I can help you prepare, set your vision and stick to it.


Considering changing career?

I can help you separate the wood from the trees and work out a realistic path that works for you.

Taking a career break?

I will ensure you enjoy the time off whilst also making the progress needed on your next step.

#3 Optimising daily practices

Dread conflict and difficult conversations?

Let's work out why, and then work on managing stress and building resilience.

Feeling anxious or struggling with balance?

Let's find the source, and then work on tools to keep you feeling safe and grounded.

Long-term or recent ADHD diagnosis?

Let's look at how your ADHD affects work, and then create strategies for being your best self.

Struggling with low confidence or imposter syndrome?

Let's look at where your insecurities show up, and then tool you up for moving forward.

Unsure how to measure fulfilment at work?

Let's look at your values and work out how to structure work around you, not vice versa.

Keen to focus on your professional development but not sure where to start?

Let's plan some goals along with KPIs for measuring success.

Preparing for an appraisal and not sure where to start?

Let's work through it together and prepare you for the conversation.

Feeling unproductive or procrastinating?

Let's look at goal-setting and achieving better focus and accountability.

#4 Navigating life events

Becoming a parent?

Our identities can be in huge flux around this time - I can help you get to know your new self and define what you need.

Returning to work after a leave of absence?

I will work with you to identify and overcome worries, setting realistic goals and expectations in the run-up to your return.

Starting your own business?

Congratulations! I'd love to work with you to define your vision, strategy and short, medium and long-term action plan. 

Something else approaching in life that you feel could affect your work?

I can help you identify challenges, define goals and plan resources in the run-up and afterwards.

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