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About me

I am a qualified Transformative Coach, trained by Animas and credentialed by the ICF (ACC). I hold two degrees in English and have worked in top London advertising agencies for 15 years.


I specialise in leadership and career coaching because over the last few years, I have identified that this is where my passion and strengths lie. And now I'm going to let you in on why.


We spend a significant chunk of our lives 'at work'. But for some reason, we often regard 'life' and 'work' as separate entities - and even separate identities. This is surely madness?

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I personally spent most of my 15 year career in advertising optimising various roles to ensure that my career reflected who I was and what I needed. I moved 'sideways' across departments three times to pursue my passions, and have changed career once since becoming a parent. It is this transformative and deeply personal journey which has inspired me to retrain as a leadership and career coach and set up my own practice, working with other senior professionals to support them in achieving true professional fulfilment.

I have worked with many leaders, senior clients and c-suite executives over the years in a variety of capacities - as a client-facing account lead, as an internal project lead and as a 'chief of staff' people and culture confidante during the pandemic. My integrated understanding of business combined with emotional intelligence and quiet confidence has created powerful relationships, and as a result I have coached a number of senior professionals through times of conflict, instability and uncertainty.

My style is warm, thoughtful and organised and this makes my coaching space feel safe, empathetic and structured. I've undertaken over a decade of counselling and CBT, which I'm told makes me self-aware, reflective and open-minded. My coaching practice is inclusive and bias-free.

I coach individuals privately as well as working with a number of companies such as the NHS, neverland, Upliift, the V&A Museum, Wayforward Brighton and The Gold Studios. You can read more about corporate coaching with me here.

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