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Helping you to make your mark

Your first C-Suite role can be equal parts exciting and daunting. I will help you feel calm, confident and in control.

Hatty Hilton

Hello and welcome

If you are:


- Nearly or newly in your first C-Suite role

- Passionate about leading from the heart

- Struggling to find the time for deep work

- Craving structure and process for your plans

- Prone to confidence dips and imposter syndrome


You’re in the right place.

How I help leaders

I am a Transformative Coach accredited by the ICF.


I specialise in Executive Leadership Coaching in:


- The creative industry

- Start-ups/scale-ups

- Boutique consultancies


I coach leaders who want to arrive and deliver in their first C-Suite role feeling calm, confident and in control.

What sets me apart

#1 A decade at the world’s most highly awarded advertising agency where I learnt my craft from some of the most successful creative industry C-Suite


#2 Experience across three departments in 15 years resulting in my '360-degree understanding’ of business

#3 Relentless intentionality about my own career and lived experience of the courage I foster in others


#4 The ability to switch gears between conceptual strategy and practical implementation (I won’t just talk about the dream, I’ll help you build it too)


#5 Fearlessness about untangling my clients’ struggles


#6 An innate ability to see through clutter and simplify big challenges into achievable steps


#7 A science-based understanding of how the mind works due to qualifications in Neuroscience and Trauma

How I add value

If you are soon to be/newly appointed in your first C-Suite role, I can help with:

- A proven framework for your leadership plans
- Clarity on your authentic leadership style
- A clear strategy for your vision and goals
- A bespoke support toolkit for ongoing challenges

All my packages are personalised and designed specifically for your needs.

The first step

A staggering 80% of coaching success can be attributed to client/coach chemistry and rapport.


My process therefore begins with a complimentary chemistry call to enable us to get to know each other, discuss what coaching is (and isn't) and talk through your scope of work. 

If we both feel we would like to explore coaching together, we can discuss practical details such as package and corporate contract.


All coaching sessions take place online.

Quality assurance

I am accredited by the ICF, widely known as the gold standard in coaching, as well as TICA (the Trauma-Informed Community of Action).

I am also fully insured by Hiscox.

I am trusted by a range of organisations including Publicis London, neverland creative, The NHS, cummins&partners NYC, RASK Travel, Upliift, The V&A Museum, Wayforward Brighton and The Gold Studios.

Interested in hearing more?

Book a chemistry call

Or send me an email

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My emails are always evidence-based and to the point with a <5 minute read time to enable quick learning and immediate implementation within your working day.

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Thank you. It's great to be connected!

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